These are eight, random "Daily Photographs" from my personal Flickr collection.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Again, It'll Last the Whole Day

Oh, old Nexus 5! Our relationship has gone on for more than three and a half years. You are becoming desperately out of date, but I still love you. I should leave you behind and take up with another. I know that. However, were it not for your failing battery life, I could live with you for a while longer.

Out with the Old

Today I took steps to continue using my Nexus 5 for a while longer. Unlike the Nexus One, the model 5 did not sport a removable battery. Well, in fact, not much in life is completely un-removable. Google and LG certainly didn't design it to make it as easy though. I got the $12 order from Amazon in my mailbox this morning. So, I have just replaced the original battery with a brand new one. It was not rocket-science and took around five minutes, most of which was time spent looking for the tiny screwdriver set.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Soup Comes in a Can?

I've never seen a can of soup around here. Sorry, Andy Warhol.


We've taken to having our big, rice-based meal at lunch. Now for dinner, we've moved to simply soup and a sandwich.

I would often know when Jay's made a batch even if I'm not around for the process. For when I use my bath towel in the evening, it can smell of pandan leaves. That is even when the kitchen exhaust fan's been running and the doors to the bathroom closed. It's okay as I rather like it. It reminds me of how great the soup tasted.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Personal Quote #126

"I have friends who plan to continue working until they're old. By the time they retire, they may already be dead."
Dennis Sylvester Hurd (1959- )

CoL: Granville St.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Royal City Ale


If you like beer, really like beer, you might want to consider keeping track on untappd. It can be accessed via a website or from an app. I'd not stopped into our most local, little brewery for a while. However, earlier in the afternoon, when I noticed there was no beer in the apartment, I had to take a quick trip to Steel & Oak.

I put the following picture on Facebook with this comment:
Happiness is ... a half gallon growler of 'Royal City' Ale. That's New Westminster's nickname as it was named by Queen Victoria in 1859.

Happiness is ...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I'm Fine Surrounded by Dumbness

2017_06_18After brewing my coffee this morning, I noticed an unusual light on the coffee maker. At least it seemed unusual as I'd never seen it lit before. The cheeky thing was trying to indicate that I should clean it.

Rather than searching through the owners' manuals, I searched Google to see what had to be done. The Oster site said that I only needed to run three cups of vinegar through the machine using its cleaning cycle. That sounded easy enough except we had only a gallon of apple cider vinegar in the house. Being pretty sure that plain old white vinegar was necessary, we had to go out to buy some. Halfway through the process, it started to ring with a noise more pronounced than our smoke detector. I found out this meant it needed more vinegar. After 40 minutes, it clicked off and was ready for a rinse or two. The light had gone out.

This situation was a little frightening though and perhaps why I'm afraid to buy a new vehicle. I have a fear of owning devices which think they're smarter than I am. My pickup truck is so old that an owner definitely had the upper hand in the smarts department. I know newer vehicles have come to assume their owners are idiots. I'm not sure I could live as the dumber one in a relationship. Jay, however, says I already am.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Not Made in China!

It's not earth-shattering news, but I was surprised by one key aspect of a product I picked up today.

2017_06_17 Not Made in China?

I knew Philips was originally a Dutch company, but I really didn't expect to buy a new shaver made in the Netherlands.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Do Babies Really Have Smooth Bottoms?

2009_06_07How a guy shaves is kind of a personal thing. It's near impossible to read online reviews about a particular electric brand or model as the results are so mixed. Some men are coming from blades and complain about the lack of closeness. Other folks compare to experiences with previous models and manufacturers. Regardless, I decided it was time to replace my old Philips.

I am sure I started shaving as an adolescent with an electric. I can remember a brand called Norelco. For years when working overseas, I reverted to disposable blades. Today though, I found an archived photo of my most recent shaver when it was still in the package. Wow, that was eight years ago! I recall buying new, branded Philips heads once and being sort of shocked by the cost. More recently, I ordered several cheap Chinese sets on eBay. They worked but didn't stand up very long to daily use.

Although the old device still seems to hold a charge, I got quite a deal on a newer style Philips model. I saw it in the London Drugs flyer but ordered online just to ensure they don't run out before I get up to the store. They did state, "While quantities last!" Rather than shipping to the house, I asked for store pickup and already received my email confirmation. As we were uptown this morning, I'll probably wait until tomorrow to drive up. I'll review the model #S5420/08 in a later post.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Personal Quote #125

"Self Realization: When eating a sliced bagel, I bite through to the center hole and then proceed by eating counterclockwise."
Dennis Sylvester Hurd (1959- )


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Return of Aqua Man

Today was pretty ordinary. Before lunch, we did some errands and stopped up at the mall. It was not that we needed to buy anything, but the large area makes for an interesting place for Jay to get in some walking. His cardio-rehab classes are only two days per week, but he needs to walk a minimum of a half hour per day for exercise.


More exciting for me was the fact our pool and hot tub were open again! Unexpectedly, the area had to be closed for maintenance. An exhaust fan for the boiler was back ordered for about a week. I didn't realize how much I'd miss using those facilities!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Post Parkade


I was never a big fan of the downtown New Westminster Parkade structure. Tearing half of it down was a solid decision. Now that sunlight falls on the ground of the former western portion, a bit of shrubbery is being added. The area making up the Front Street highway and train tracks is crammed between the unsightly rear of most Columbia Street buildings and the frighteningly forlorn, empty pier. This is one step in removing some ugliness, although the city ought to fine the Army & Navy Department Store for becoming so unsightly.

Space in this zone is precious, but it looks to me as though the future parking spaces will only comfortably host Smart Cars or Mini Coopers.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Useful Tool

I remember whole years of my life when I didn't even own a camera. Nowadays, whenever I leave the house there's one in my pocket.

Capturing an image no longer needs to take place only on special occasions. In 2017, a phone camera seems like an everyday tool. For example, when in Walmart today, it didn't feel weird to snap a photo of the shavers in the display case. I wanted to check online before considering buying. Rather than using the wifi in the store, I just viewed this image at my leisure when I got home.

These are selling for exactly the same price on with free shipping. So, there was definitely no need to rush to purchase one today.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wrapping Up My Kiva Participation

In August of 2009, I joined Kiva. So, for nearly eight years I helped make micro-loans to people willing to repay small debts to improve their lives, families, and livelihoods.

With capital of around $200, I was able to lend out $1425. As a loan was repaid, I would re-lend the funds to a different borrower. Over the years I participated in 39 loans in 24 different countries.

Screenshot 2017-06-11 14.53.30

If you have as little as $25 on which you're willing to forgo interest, you could do a lot of one-on-one good in the world. Check out!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Photo Credit: Tim


Date: June 10, 2017
Time: 4:00 to 10:15 PM
Event: Duck Party
Location: Richmond, BC
Attending: Shinji, Ed, Jiwan, Tim, Jayantha, myself
Discussions: health, cruises, July 2nd date for next event.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Balcony Clothes Drying

2017_06_09It's already June.

By now, my shorts-wearing days are generally here. Today, in fact, I had to go with regular jeans. It started out a little cool this morning. Yet, I try to wear shorts as many days of the summer as I can. This year, I encountered a bit of a problem in this regard.

All of last summer's shorts had a size 38" waist. This was a problem as I needed a belt to keep 'em up. I have not lost much weight but clearly, it'd be more comfortable wearing ones that were two inches smaller around.

There was an easy solution. As is sometimes the case, I wrapped up the six pairs from my closet and dropped them off at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Columbia. After doing our fruit and vegetable shopping up at Langley Farm Market, I returned to the thrift shop on foot and bought five replacements.

I love using the thrift shop and admit to buying most pants and shirts there. It just feels greener to recycle clothing. Finding something interesting is never a problem there either.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Momentarily Seeing Red

We've been using the Ooma Telo for more than two months. Initially, I encountered several garbled calls, but it has been rock solid for many weeks. We are quite pleased with their VoIP telephone service. We are definitely pleased saving $25 per month over our old Telus phone line. I cannot venture a guess as to how many robocalls were automatically blocked for us during the recent BC election campaigns.


A few moments ago, I looked over at the device and the always blue LED wasn't. The Telo was blinking red and I panicked. My wifi was fine when I noticed the little disruption. It lasted only a minute or so. Red indicates it has lost contact with its server. I suspect it also occurs when the firmware is updating. The dial tone returned after being offline for less the length of a normal phone call.

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