These are eight, random "Daily Photographs" from my personal Flickr collection.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I've Seen the Light

We've lived in this apartment for a long time now. I'm going to mention this as it applies to development of light bulbs.

Initially, when we moved in here, the only choice when buying a light bulb was to get an incandescent. The second stage was when we changed over to those curly CFL type. They never lasted long if frequently switched on and off. After that, we switched to the newer CFL bulbs shaped like an ordinary bulb. Now we're in the third stage though. Five years ago, I paid nearly $20 each for several LED bulbs. They weigh a lot and look yellow when not lit. Those oldies are still working. Finally, within the last year or so, LED bulbs that look and act just like a normal bulbs have become persuasive. I have three of those over the bathroom vanity and three as dimmable spots over the fireplace. Today, I picked up a new one for the hanging light over the table. It's a soft white spot rated at 65w but consumes just 9.

Light bulbs have come a long way in the last 19 years.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Messing w/ Messaging

Everybody has their own favourite means of being contacted, unfortunately. This sad fact means I am forever trying out a platform only to find I really cannot fully utilize it as my friends have differing needs.

For example, I have a few with whom text messaging makes the most sense, as they may often find themselves out of a range of reliable Internet. Some friends prefer particular apps to communicate with a specific set of their family or acquaintances. I have some who doggedly avoid particular social media platforms and rely on email only.

I am now whittling down the bloat on my devices. Each will now contain just my Facebook Messenger app for this genre. Yes, loading the specific app is worth it! One doesn't even have to have a Facebook account to use it! I'd love to turn a conversation into an instant free phone call or video chat. I like being able to review back to the entire history of a conversation. Instant photo of where I am? Sure. I have even been known to send a sticker or emoticon or two.

Now, if I could only convince everyone with whom I'd ever want to communicate! They're such a peculiar and surprisingly small lot.

Messing w/ Messages

Monday, March 27, 2017

Reliving August 2004

I have just spent the last hour back in a single month that happened more than twelve and a half years ago. The reason for remembering these times was because of this very blog.

Every so often, in an attempt to future proof my contents here, I copy some photos off my ancient domain server and upload them to Flickr. It takes a fair bit of time to edit thirty or so entries to point to the new locations. However, it is time I enjoy. It requires a lot of repeated operations that I find quite numbing, or rather relaxing.

After the work, I feels as if that data is safe forever, or until thermonuclear war or invaders from space arrive. You may take a look at a month where it was summer in Vancouver.

my eJournal and images: August 2004


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Be Our Guest

Today was rather rainy and cold. It wasn't a very pleasant day to go outside. Right after breakfast, we did, however, walk to Columbia Station for the cinema. We saw the 3D version of Beauty and the Beast at 10:00 am. It was quite a stunning eyeful.

Aware that the traffic is always better on a Sunday, I drove over to Central City Brewing to fill some growlers. As well as easier access across the Patullo Bridge, each refill gets a dollar discount. I was a little sad there was no more Black Larger on tap. I returned home with Red Racer ales in red and amber.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Umami and Me

If I spend just a few minutes in front of the TV after selecting something to view in the BBC iPlayer app, I learn something new. Why is it I can't say this with other television networks?

I just discovered The Secrets of Food. I started watching episode 2, but I think I should probably watch them in order. I had never heard of of the word umami, although Jay often talks about some foods as having a savory taste. I didn't know that our tongue can differentiate only five basic tastes. Wikipedia does mention there are ten other sensations a tongue can detect. That's a lot of sensory input. It's no wonder I enjoy eating so much!


I do realize how spoiled I am. With kitchen cupboards full of exotic spices and Jay creating the meals, I get many more tastes than an average guy here. Our basic lunch plates always looks like the one in this picture, although the precise combinations on the plate are different every single day!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Computing 30 Years Ago

I heard a familiar sound coming from the laptop today. Jay was watching a YouTube video. It was his favourite game on our original IBM PC from mid-1980's and he was watching a video clip of the game-play. I knew I must've mentioned Moon Bugs here before and sure enough, that had occurred several times more than a decade ago.

YouTube Video of Moon Bugs by Mindmill Software

There's also a playable copy of it in some Internet, old-DOS-game archives. However, the online emulator runs much faster than a Intel 8088 clocked at 4.77 MHz. So it is impossible to play the game anymore on modern hardware. Still, this video is a suitable reminder.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Is 4K a Noticeable Improvement?


I guess I need to visit a retailer to see if 4K television is noticeably better. I don't know if London Drugs has some actual 4K feeds to compare with ordinary HD. I will go and see.

This question was prompted because I see that our local company, Telus, is starting to get a little more aggressive with the pricing of the 50 Mbps Internet packages. That is the minimum necessary for UHD.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What a Platform for Travel and Education!

I use their email and mobile phone ecosystem. I'd not live a day without their search. I think of all the millions of amazing things that Google can do. Yet I am most constantly impressed with improvements to Street Views.

I appreciate your work, Google. You are awesome for bringing the world to me even though I'm presently sitting half naked on my couch.

On today's morning news, I saw clips of Google trekkers walking around with camera backpacks taking photos of places in British Columbia that most of us will never go. You've captured that same spirit for the folks who used to wait patiently for their next copy of the National Geographic Magazine back when.

Google Street View

I've happened to have seen these few places in person, but Google offers glimpses of places I'll surely never get to experience any other way. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hurry Up and Wait!

2013_03_21We haven't had a finch family on our balcony since I killed the last cedar tree by neglect. Just the other day, a male came around scouting. He spent a few minutes on the railing and, seeing nothing, moved on.

So when we were uptown today and noticed this little bird house, we thought it might be worth a try.

All the news from today wasn't welcome. At around 11:30, we got a call from the hospital saying that Jay's scheduled surgery time was cancelled. We'd sort of got all prepared mentally to head to registration tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. It seems as if emergencies have bumped around the schedule for the semi-elective procedures with Jay's surgeon.

It's not a problem really. We have no personal schedules to change while we wait to hear of a new date. I am not sure when the surgeon's office will get back to us with an updated time. It was disappointing as we'd had gotten all set emotionally. Honestly though, waiting really isn't that bad.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Screenshot 2017-03-20 16.41.06

I love charts and graphs. This pie chart could be of just about anything as I deliberately cut off the legend before pasting here. It happens to be my actual, cash net worth. Each slice is a unique account or investment.

Of course, it all adds up to 100%. I just wish the whole thing were a bit larger.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

To Scrobble

About a year ago, I lamented that it was pretty hard to keep up with what to watch nowadays. Television produces some petty amazing stories. There are more movies available than time to watch them. It's all about picking and choosing in 2017. Today, I quit an app called TVShow Time as I found I really didn't keep up entering what we'd seen and where in a series we were.

When we binge a series, it is pretty easy to remember. For example, I know that we completed just six episodes of the season four of Black Sails. We'll finish up soon by watching a couple of episodes a night. Sometimes, it gets confusing though.

I thought I'd try I think it may keep keeping track a little easier. At least I can supposedly try automatic scrobbling from Terrarium TV.

Screen Capture for Blog

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Little Saturday Afternoon Reading

Jay's always been a quick study. We've had sufficient materials and training available well in advance of this medical procedure. I pity the poor folks who get picked up after having a heart attack and get rushed into a hospital totally unprepared! Dealing with this as a semi-elective surgery, must surely provide short and longer term benefits. Knowing what to expect is always preferred.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Biding Our Time

This is a rather quiet time as we slowly approach the date of Jay's heart surgery in the middle of next week. We walked across Columbia Street to the department store. Jay didn't have an adequate robe to use in the hospital. He found a fine, blue one. He's probably going to probably be in Royal Columbian Hospital for four or five nights.


I pulled back the living room TV in order to position the replacement, little Android TV Box. I had to get out the vacuum cleaner as it was a bit dusty back there! I've pretty much got it set up now. I've stayed with the Leelbox home launcher for now. It allows for zero modification to many of the tiles. I could go back to a launcher I used previously called, Top TV. Yet, it'd take at least 45 minutes to start from scratch with that, so it can wait.

Anyway, I've had no surprises when spending hands-on time with the Leelbox M9S Pro. I like it.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Finally Joining New West's Demographic

This picture was taken a few days ago, but it stands in well for today. We seem to hit the uptown mall nearly every day of the week now. I thought mall rats were kids, but that is not the major demographic of New Westminster. Our city has always skewed towards antiquity. Nowadays, I feel as though we are racing headlong and with open arms into the seniors' crowd.

Uptown Mall

We were not there for coffee nor a food-court lunch. We generally find a reason to be there in order to pick something up. Today, I needed at least four AAA batteries for a remote control and Jay's red-laser pen light. I should have included them in my Amazon order the other day as I have always had good luck with their basic brand of NiMH ones. Rather I ended up with alkalines today.

I do like the proximity of the uptown Walmart. It seems we always have a half dozen credit card charges pending at any one moment. Some changes are as little as $1.90. I'm sure that the fees incurred take a bite from their profit on our meager purchases.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Total Control

I'd never paid more for next day delivery. However, it was only a few bucks so I figured, why not?


I get to celebrate my nerdiness fairly infrequently nowadays. Back in the old days of old Windows, one could spend endless hours fiddling and fuddling. Now I never notice any Win 10 maintenance going on, except on those few occasions when logging on in the morning takes longer because the system had to reboot in its dark lonesomeness.

Screen Capture

So I am finding it very fulfilling to go through the new TV Box, busily deleting unnecessary programs and adding those I require. Who'd want to do Facebook on their television screen, honestly?

I don't know whether I should go with the stock home menuing from a third-party app as I did on the old Minix. So many decisions to get the device exactly as I want it. Perhaps, that is why I've always liked computers. One can create an exactly customized experience matching one's own wants, needs, or peculiarities. There is little else in life where I can exercise such complete domination and total control. Such is a terrible pity for the world in general, I guess.

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